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Lecrae - TELL THE WORLD Feat. Mali Music (@lecrae @reachrecords)
KB - Tempo (@KB_HGA @ReachRecords)
Lecrae - Welcome to America (@lecrae @reachrecords)
Lecrae - Just Like You - OFFICIAL VIDEO (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)
KB Prisca - Kamikaze (@KB_HGA @reachrecords)
[Reach Records] Andy Mineo - You Will (@AndyMineo @reachrecords)
Tedashii - Jumped Out the Whip (@Tedashii @ReachRecords)
Andy Mineo - You Can't Stop Me (@AndyMineo @ReachRecords)
Lecrae - Messengers ft. for KING COUNTRY (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)
KB - Sideways ft. Lecrae (@ReachRecords @KB_HGA)
Tedashii - Dark Days, Darker Nights ft. Britt Nicole (@Tedashii @reachrecords)
Lecrae - Misconceptions 3 ft. John Givez, JGivens Jackie Hill Perry (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)
KB - 100 ft. Andy Mineo - OFFICIAL VIDEO (@kb_hga @reachrecords)
Lecrae - Confessions (@lecrae @reachrecords)
Andy Mineo - Young Feat. KB (@Andymineo @kb_hga @reachrecords)
KB - Zone Out ft. Chris Lee (@kb_hga @reachrecords)
Lecrae - FAKIN Feat. Thi'sl (@lecrae @thisl @reachrecords)
Lecrae - All I Need Is You (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)
Lecrae - Prayin For You Video (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)
Fanatic - Lecrae (@Lecrae @Reachrecords)
Andy Mineo - Uno Uno Seis (@AndyMineo @ReachRecords)
Andy Mineo - AYO! (@AndyMineo @reachrecords)
Tedashii - Dum Dum - feat. Lecrae (@tedashii @lecrae @reachrecords)
Andy Mineo - You Cant Stop Me (@AndyMineo @ReachRecords)
Lecrae - Gangland ft. Propaganda (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)
Lecrae - Deja Vu (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)
Tedashii - Jumped Out the Whip (@Tedashii @ReachRecords)
Tedashii - Make War (@tedashii @reachrecords)
Derek Minor - Ready, Set, Go (@thederekminor @reachrecords @rmgtweets)
Derek Minor - Gimmie (@thederekminor @rmgtweets @reachrecords)
Tedashii - Nothing I Can't Do - DANCE VIDEO @Tedashii @ReachRecords
Lecrae - Confessions (@lecrae @reachrecords) - YouTube