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110820 SHINee Key Solo ft. Taemin - My First Kiss@SHINee 1st concert in Nanjing
[HD] Crazy (JONGHYUN SOLO) - SHINee - ToKyo Dome
120916 SHINee - Jonghyun solo ft. Taemin
[full fancam] 110910 SHINee Jonghyun solo Mexwell「This womans work」@1st Concert in Singapore
'Y Si Fuera Ella' Is The First Solo Song from JongHyun (SHINee) [The King of Mask Singer Ep 146]
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond solo cover
[HD] Rainy Blue (ONEW SOLO) - SHINee - ToKyo Dome
B.A.P Zelo 젤로 [ENG] Solo SHINE : Rapper or Vocalist?? 🙄 World Tour Party Baby Atlanta 최준홍
김성규(Kim Sung kyu) “1st Solo Concert SHINE Live Album” Teaser
SHINee - Best Live Solo Duet Performances (SHINee Vid 3 of 8)
SHINee at London Odeon Taemin Solo Be Good To You
One By One - Soldier - Press Your Number (TAEMIN SOLO) - SHINee - TOKYO DOME
SHINee OMG! Minho Solo Oh My Gosh [Beautiful Days]
[HD] キセキ (MINHO SOLO) - SHINee - ToKyo Dome
[HD] LookBook (KEY SOLO) - SHINee - ToKyo Dome
[HD] Born To Shine (KEY SOLO) - SHINee - ToKyo Dome
[11.11.03] SHINee In London - 03 The Road To Me (Onew Solo)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd)- Solo Fingerstyle Guitar
[Blingest] 110820 SHINee 1st Concert in Nanjing - Jonghyun Solo
110820 SHINee jonghyun solo @ SHINee world 1st Concert in Nanjing
110820 SHINee JongHyun Solo - 交錯的愛@SHINee 1st concert in Nanjing
김성규(Kim Sung kyu) “1st Solo Concert [SHINE] Live Album” Teaser
Johnny Vasquez solo shine - Bahrain International Latin Bootcamp 2016
[Ktown4u Unboxing] SHINee: TAEMIN 1st Solo Concert [OFF-SICK] Kihno Video 샤이니 태민 언박싱
Ukulele solo: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
[WGM TEAM] [Goodbye Stage] Sunggyu Woohyun - Between Me You 180507 1st Solo Concert SHINE
180726 SHINeeWORLD J presents - SHINee SPECIAL FAN EVENT - Taem’s Solo Tour, Key’s exposure and Pinocchio
101020.SHINee.taemin solo.I Love You [태민-사랑합니다]
HD 150315 SHINee - Onew solo Rainy blue...OKYO DOME (720p).mp4
110716 SHINee THE 1ST CONCERT IN TAIPEI - TaeMin solo
110716 SHINee 1st Concert in Taipei - Key SOLO ft. Taemin - My First Kiss (Taemin Focus) [MiRai]
180708 Fan митинг SHINee solo Taemin
180708 Fan митинг SHINee solo Minho