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Ukrainian Vidbir - My Top 3 Among All Semifinalists (Eurovision 2019)
Melodiile semifinaliste Eurovision România sunt online, pe canalul oficial YouTube al TVR
Top 30 Semifinalists of 100 ASIAN SWEETHEARTS
Timmy Xu of China - 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS Semifinalist
Suradet Piniwat of Thailand - 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS Semifinalist
Tae Darvid Kreepolrerk of Thailand - 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS Semifinalist
God Itthipat Thanit of Thailand - 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS Semifinalist
Copter Panuwat of Thailand - ASIAN HEARTTHROBS 2018 Semifinalist
Singto Prachaya - 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS of 2018 Semifinalist
Semifinalists who were not included in the Grand Final (ESC 2018)
Kim Yoonho Yenjamin (1999) - - HSR 1 semifinalist
Grigor Dimitrov, AO Series'17 (Brisbane International - Champion, Australian Open - Semifinalist)
Semifinalist 48 - Kingsley Little MJ di Indonesia's Got Talent
Nitro World Games 2017 Skate Semifinalists Hitting the Big Ramp
25.04.2017 Astana piano passion 2017 Klim Pak Concert of semifinalists
Selecția Națională Eurovision 2017 - Semifinalist Announcement
Hip-Hop Свадьба Nicole SafaroVa (Shanti) dancehall pro SEMIFINALIST
When Poland's Got Talent semifinalist magician goes Wrong!
Denise Weeks (X Factor Semifinalist) sings Aretha Franklin Natural Woman
Semifinalists - Show The Way
Jatt's Stats: NA LCS Semifinalist - CLG
Jatt's Stats: NA LCS Semifinalist - IMT
Miss Mister Azerbaijan 2016 Semifinalists
Eurovision Malta 2016 -The 20 semifinalists
Miss Teen USA 1985- 10 Semifinalists
Skolkovo Innovation Award. Semifinalists announcement
«Ukraine's got talent» Season 2. Selection of semifinalists. Part 1
Bugs Band | semiFINALIST | CADETS
The Voice of Ireland S04E16 - The Semifinalists - Hold My Hand
Highlights: Semifinalists Decided at Drug Aware Margaret River Pro
Interview with Fiorella Rios, semifinalist in Design Lab 2014
[Top Ten Semifinalist - LA FIGHT Competition] Sword Art Online - Aincrad Floor 74, October 19, 2024