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29.10.17 - 03.11.2017-QM2 / concert / Music
29.10.17 - 03.11.2017 - QM2 / concert / appearance on the stage
03.11.2017 - QM2/Concert. Kashmir
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert/You are the Insparation
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Furious
November 2017-QM2/ Concert. They don't care about us
November 2017-QM2/ Concert. Tchaikovsky Concerto 1
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Zorbas Dance
01.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Viva La Vida
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Fix You
01.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Born in the USA
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Bitter Sweet Symphony
01.11.2017-QM2/Concert. This Is What It Feels Like
01.11. 2017-QM2/ Concert. Nah Neh Nah
01.11.2017-QM2/Concert. 19 minutes
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Lose yourself
01.11.2017-QM2/ Concert. Explosive
November 2017-QM2/ Concert. the lesson of classical music before Tchaikovsky
November 2017-QM2/ Concert. Tchaikovsky
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Nah Neh Nah
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. English announcements (Ausschnitt)
November 2017-QM2/Concert. Kashmir
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Beginning, Dangerous
November 2017-QM2/Concert. One Moment In Time
November 2017-QM2/Concert. Music
November 2017-QM2/Concert. Purple Rain
November 2017-QM2/3 Concert. Viva la Vida
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Purple Rain
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. You are the inspiration
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Fix you
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Purple Rain
02.11.2017-QM2/Concert. Adventure Island