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Iceland Fans Do The Thunderclap - Russia 2018
10.000 Iceland Football Fans doing the Viking War Chant Clap
Russia- Iceland fans Thunderclap for the Vikings ahead of Croatia clash
Iceland in Russia. Magnusson and CSKA fans
Iceland Clap on FIFA Fan Fest (Kaliningrad) with Dj Scorpion
Icelandic football fans go CRAZY after 1-1 vs Argentina in the World Cup! - 4K
Viking clapping of Iceland fans
Viking clapping of Iceland fans
Iceland Football fans
Iceland fans practise synchronised thunder
The song Kalinka-Malinka from Icelandic fans
Iceland Players celebrating together with Fans | Euro 2016
Fan Fest 2018 Rostov Iceland - 2 HUH
Fan Fest 2018 Rostov Iceland - 1
Vikings - Iceland Fans In Russia 2018/06/16 - Fifa World Cup | Argentina vs Iceland 1-1
Iceland fans Viking clapping
Iceland fan zone performance
ICELAND Fans in Russia sing world famous KALINKA
Vikings invade Moscow! Iceland fans gear up ahead of team’s clash with Argentina
Epic Viking war chant: 10,000 fans pay tribute to Iceland team leaving Euro 2016
Fifa 2018. Fans of Iceland and Brazil in the Moscow metro.
Iceland Finland fans united 06.09.2017
Till Lindemann and fans. Iceland 2017
ShootLikeMe: Unusual Recurve Archery Technique from Iceland | Archery Fan Reporter
Iceland fans together with national team celebrates with Viking war chant
Iceland team celebrating with fans after beat England 1-2 - EURO 2016