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Heechul’s supposed to make an acrostic poem
You always get us laughing out loud, Heechul! - - Although @SJofficial’s Heechul is doing
Heechul singing Taeyang’s EYES, NOSE, LIPS feat. Bok
In honor of Kim Heechul’s 35th birthday here is 8 minutes of Heechul because 35 minutes is too long
[ENG SUBS] Kim Heechul's love scene
[ENGSUB] 171110 tvN Life Bar EP44 with Super Junior - Heechul's tears ㅠ_ㅠ
Knowing Bros 157 - Hani and Heechul's arrow stuck together
Heechul asked about Kyungsoo’s project to Chanyeol
Jennie - SOLO | MV dance cover by Dancing Psycho's Heechul
HeechulPristin’s KyulKyung’s ‘Everything About Girl Group Dating Life’![We Like Zines/2017.09.12]
Compilation Songs Super Junior's Kim Heechul
[ENG] Hongki talking about Chocoball's bets on Heechul's relationship
(Weekly Idol EP.247) MC HaniHeechul's dance for JYP