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Radiohead - Last Flowers To The Hospital Requiem for a Dream Artiom Haluza
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (Artiom Haluza)
Radiohead - High and Dry (fingerstyle cover) Artiom Haluza
Jorge Cardoso - Milonga (Artiom Haluza)
TROITSA - improvisation on the folk song ''TRY JANGALY'' arr. for guitar by A.Haluza
Radiohead - Karma Police (classical guitar, solo) Artiom Haluza
Benjamin Britten - Nocturnal after John Dowland - Musingly Passacaglia (Artiom Haluza)
Happy Birthday to Zuzanna, variations (arr.A.Haluza)
J.S.Bach - Invention a minor No13 (A.Haluza, J.Strojewski) guitar duo
A.Haluza - Milonguita (A.Haluza, J.Strojewski) guitar duo
G.Gorelova - Concerto for guitar, string orchestra and bells (Artiom Haluza) part2
S L Weiss Courante Transcription Valery Zhyvalievski played by A Haluza
M.D. Pujol - final of the suite Guernica (A.Haluza)
Artiom Haluza - The Sea
Valery Zhyvalievski-I kiss your hands (Artiom Haluza)
Artiom Haluza - Dla Ciebie
Valery Zhyvalievski - Birch in a field (Artiom Haluza) 2012
Valery Zhivalevskij - I kiss your hands (played by Artiom Haluza)