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[DJ] DariusLock - Halloween
Groundbreaking - The Bonnie Song [RUSSIAN COVER BY DARIUSLOCK] ||| FNAF Song |||
TryHardNinja - Couldn`t Save (russian cover by DariusLock) [Undertale]
Muse Of Discord - Synthetic Agony [Russian cover by DariusLock] ||| FNAF 3 Song |||
CG5 - Labyrinth [Russian cover by DariusLock] ||| FNAF Song |||
KryFuZe - Afton Family [Russian cover by DariusLock] ||| FNAF Song |||
DariusLock - Springtrap Finale (song cover) [REMAKE].mp4
Maroon 5 - Payphone (russian cover by DariusLock)
TryHardNinja - Nightmare by Design [RUSSIAN COVER BY DARIUSLOCK] ||| Five Nights At Freddy`s |||
Maroon 5 - Payphone (russian cover by DariusLock)
Murray Gold - Doomsday (OST Doctor Who) piano cover by DariusLock
Murray Gold - The Long Song /The Rings Of Akhaten (OST Doctor Who) piano cover by DariusLock
Pain - Shut Your Mouth piano cover by DariusLock
Gary Jules - Mad World piano cover by DariusLock
Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry piano cover voice by DariusLock
DariusLock - Just Gold (song cover) [RUS]
DariusLock - Another Five Nights (song cover)
DariusLock - We Don`t Bite (song cover)
DariusLock - Springtrap Finale (song cover) [REMAKE]
DariusLock - I`m the Purple Guy (song cover) [RUS] REMAKE/ORIGINAL VOICE
DariusLock - Our Little Horror Story [RUS] (song cover)
DariusLock - Survive the Night (song cover) [RUS]
DariusLock - Jaws (song cover)
DariusLock - Save the Risk and Truth [RUS]
DariusLock - Иду на таран (song cover)
DariusLock - Кукушка (song cover)
DariusLock - Sweet Dreams (song cover) [RUS]
DariusLock - Showtime (song cover)
DariusLock ft. Treller - Дорога (song cover)
DariusLock - Let It Rock (song cover) [Doctor Who]
DariusLock - Five Long Nights (song cover) [RUS]
DariusLock - Five More Nights (song cover) [RUS]
DariusLock - Honor For All (song cover)
DariusLock ft. Treller - Небо, засыпай (song cover) [RUS]