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[180816] Интервью актёров мюзикла «Sinheung Military Academy».
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[16.08.18] Интервью актёров Shinheung Military Academy (Сонгю)
Military Cover-Up? Hundreds of Migrants Feared Dead in Mass Grave at Arizona Bombing Range
China’s Overseas Military Base in Djibouti: New Dock Construction - July 2018.
Russian Military MRE ( ASMR )
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Javelin anti tank missiles to Georgia, 26 may Military Exhibition tbilisi georgia
[14.08.18] Пресс-конференция мюзикла Shinheung Military Academy (Сонгю)
[14.08.18] Пресс-конференция Shinheung Military Academy(2)
[14.08.18] Пресс-конференция Shinheung Military Academy(1)
Experts warn new US military budget aims to draw Russia, China and Iran into arms race