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Hellyeah - Black Flag Army(2019)Groove Metal,Thrash Metal,Heavy Metal - USA
Edge Of Paradise - Universe(2019)Hard Rock/Heavy Metal - USA
Bad Wolves - I'll Be There(2019)Alternative Metal - USA
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Max Trixi 'Black Widow' (New Mexico / USA) Female-fronted Heavy Metal LYRIC VIDEO
Steel Panther - Always Gonna Be A Ho(2019)Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock - USA
Life of Agony - Scars(2019) Alternative Metal - USA
As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire(2019)Christian Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal - USA
The Agonist - Burn It All Down(2019) Modern Metal,Metal Core - USA
Slipknot - Solway Firth(2019)Alternative Metal, Nu Metal - USA
Violent New Breed - Bury Me (Ft. Howard Jones)(2019)Alt. Metal - USA
MiSERY (USA) Misery Experimental Ambient Funeral Doom Metal Organ Sludge Death Drone
Anosia - Black (2018) (USA Black Metal)
Steel Prophet - Thrashed Relentlessly (2019) (Power Heavy Metal) USA
Lattermath - Arbiter (2019) (Prog.Metal) USA
Sight Unscene - Breaking the Day (2019) (Alt. Metal Melodic Metalcore) USA
Machine Head - Davidian (Live In Studio) (2019) (Thrash Metal Groove Metal) USA
Possessed - Shadowcult (Live) (2019) (Death Thrash Metal) USA
Queensrÿche – Blood Of The Levant (2019) (Heavy Metal Power Metal) USA
Arch ⁄ Matheos - Straight And Narrow (2019) (Progressive Metal) USA
Paladine - Shoot For The Sun (2019) (Power Metal) USA
The Skull - The Longing (2019) (Doom Metal Heavy Metal) USA
Varaha - The Midnight Oath (2019) (Instrumental Dark Metal Doom Metal) USA
Judas Priest - Heavy Metal (Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USA, 31.07.1988)
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Queensrÿche - Light-Years (2019)Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal - USA
Papa Roach - Elevate (2019)Alternative Metal - USA
100 USA Oldschool Death Metal Bands you need to know
War Curse - Serpent (Feat. Kragen Lum) (2019) (Heavy Metal Thrash Metal) USA
Misery Index - Naysayer (2019) (Grindcore Death Metal) USA
[0034][USA][ULUS-10006]Metal Gear Ac!d game intro and demo mission
Revocation Vanitas (2019)Technical Death, Thrash Metal - USA
RUIN (USA) - Drown In Blood [Full-length Album] Death Metal
Mark Morton - Cross Off (feat. Bennington)(2019)Heavy Metal/Groove Metal - USA
Police USA|(18) Police Officer Shoot Man Swinging Metal Pole At Him
Police USA|(18) Police Fatally Shooting Suspect Armed With Metal Pipe
Overkill - Welcome To The Garden State (2019) (Thrash Metal) USA