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Harry Potter: Black Family Don't Ever Say Goodbye
Видео: Harry Potter: Black Family Don't Ever Say Goodbye
Описание: VOICEOVERS: 1. Andromeda to Bellatrix about Ted - I love him. 2. Druella to Andromeda: Think of your family! 3. Andromeda to Druella: You cannot make me! 4. Sirius: My mother did that after I ran away. (what do you think about the casting for young Walburga and Siri?) 5. Sirius again: My deranged cousin... I hated the lot of them. (the happy memories are meant to illustrate that he totally didn't hate them and he's just lying to himself, btw :P) 6. Narrative voice (Hagrid): Voldemort start
Длительность: 00:01:46 мин.
Теги: Harry, Potter:, Black, Family, Don't, Ever, Say, Goodbye, скачать торрент

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