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LM3915 IC VU Meter Tower
Видео: LM3915 IC VU Meter Tower
Описание: Audio was removed due to copyright. I will leave this video up for the comments and answers to any questions that were asked at that time. Be sure to view a 2nd video in the link below showing more details of this build and also includes audio. youtube/watch?v=afNoje0KEFI This was based on an LM 3915 IC and also worked well with an LM 3916 IC. These were bought through eBay Built using 10 - 10mm thick plexiglass sheets purchased precut to size (5 x 6), 20 - 5mm LED's (9 colors) wired
Длительность: 00:05:46 мин.
Теги: LM3915, Meter, Tower, скачать торрент

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