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B o m b s h e l l • B l o n d e 【★】 h a i k y u u
Видео: B o m b s h e l l • B l o n d e 【★】 h a i k y u u
Описание: HD ♥ It's been a while since I edit with my babies from Haikuu c: So I started to this song and yeah... so I made this. The inspiration to make such a game-thing with this song is from a MEP I saw ^^'. It looked so amazing and I wanted to try such a thing c: Okay and I'm so sorry, that I focus on Kagehina again xD Really I wanted to focus on more ships... and more characters, but my inspiration was only for Kagehina. :/ Next time I'll try to focus on more characters. (btw... I don't hate Tsuki... it jus
Длительность: 00:01:13 мин.
Теги: 【★】, скачать торрент

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