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Ferrum - Full Feature Film
Видео: Ferrum - Full Feature Film
Описание: Ferrum - drama, supernatural mystery, Sakha folklore, crime. Due to a violent misunderstanding a young member of a criminal syndicate is torn away from familiar grounds of urban underworld and thrown into unwelcoming wilderness of Siberian taiga. Vast and virtually uninhabited, it provides little distinction between past and present, reality and myth. He must face the ghosts of the past and shadows of the present, and rediscover himself and his destiny. imdb/title/tt4891240/ My first feature film 'Ferrum' is now on YouTube. Though it was made with a meager budget of around 10,000$, everyone working on the film tried to give their best. For which I am eternally grateful. Hope you enjoy it!
Длительность: 01:39:50 мин.
Теги: Ferrum, Full, Feature, Film, скачать торрент

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